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Unlocking the digital opportunity
The Art of Data 

Digital improvement solutions for the whole value chain

In the past, the most important driver of the competitiveness and value creation for a metal production company is the structural position on the cost curve.

Now more than ever, data is gaining more and more value compared to the physical product itself and the top value creators will stand out from the rest by how effectively they capture and leverage data.

The stakes are high: McKinsey research suggests metal producers that harness the full potential of a digital transformation can increase their EBITDA margins of up to 8 percentage points.


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Connected Data

End-to-end  supply chain integration with “Digital Integrated Lean System“

Actionable Data

Advanced analytics build on predictive and risk based planning, execution, maintenance and product handling.

Dollar in the Data

Unlocking the true potential of the data by applying financial models and scenarios on the fly to see the “Direct $ Impact”

Data in the Works

With integrated enterprise system,  natively and automatically see the changes in your project management and receive ML based suggestions.


  • Eliminate gaps between planning and operation 

  • Use data integration and analytics to improve visibility throughout the decision-making process 

  • Have a full picture of how changes in both operations and plans will affect downstream financial outcomes and can act intelligently on those insights to continuously improve productivity and profitability

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Integrated vendor and data agnostic enterprise platform to consume primary, secondary and third party data to provide actionable data where users can make data driven decisions and see both operational and project level related KPIs, direct financial impact, and needed changes.


We offer an impressive portfolio of solutions that can be  completely customizable for your business’ needs.


Let us put your data to work and capture the $$$ in the data.



Airth Connect

Improve productivity with a complete, accessible view of all relevant data across your mine’s value chain. 


Airth Act

Provides intelligent suggestions from a systematic understanding of your mine's operations by combining historical trends and forecasting. 


Airth Finance

Get a detailed, holistic model of how your operations impact your finances and understand the downstream implications of the decisions you are considering. 


Airth Manage

Gain operational agility over your operation, by closing the information gap between real-time production and short-term plans. 

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Airth helps all businesses not only reach but exceed their goals. Our expertise is to lay out a strategy that fits our clients needs. This collaboration is essential for the successful transition from strategy, to plan, to action. 
Contact Us about our existing and past projects and to see what we can do for you to improve your profitability and sustainability.

Achieve your goals with continuous learning through our online and in-person training programs
Expert guidance with full custom deployment to ensure maximum value extraction
Data Analysis & Value Extraction
Grow your business with continuous additional value discovery and implementation

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