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How long does the typical implementation take?

As we all know historically, implementation times can be quite long in mining technology services. At Airth, we would like to bring a fresh approach by reducing  the implementation timeframe using  vendor agnostic productized solutions rather than the more  costly approach of outside consultants. Drag and drop, auditable, traceable data connectivity is one of our core approaches to reducing implementation times.

What resources are required by us (client)?

As a technology company, we utilize remote working very effectively. We will work closely with you, your project champions and your data to identify both your needs and goals, providing detail scope of work prior to project commencement. We have a lean process and system in place that minimizes our client’s time commitment.

What mine planning products can Airth work with? 

Airth can work with all major mine planning solutions such as:. Hexagon MinePlan, Maptek, Deswik, Datamine, and Netcad for example.  Please contact us if you are using another product and would like to learn more about the potential of using Airth your specific product. 


What fleet management systems can Airth work with?

Airth can work with all major FMS and DFMS providers  such as:. Minestar, Wenco, Hexagon Operate (Jigsaw), Modular.


Currently I use Excel for financial/Valuation modeling, can you migrate our existing models to Airth Finance easily?

Yes, that is our specialty; Airth Finance can natively integrate with your existing Excel based financial models and convert them into auditable data driven cloud based financial/valuation models.


Can Airth work with mineral processing data?

Yes, Airth has in-house expertise on mineral processing; we can work with various data sets such as historian data and show the correlation, reconciliation and overall business impact.

Can I manage different projects types other than operations and mine planning with Airth Manage?

100%, Airth Manage is a powerful solution that can assist withany department’s workflow with respect to their project management requirements. Some of the key elements that Airth Manage can do are  forecasting, budgeting, and project management. It also provides complete integration and transparency between various departments in the organization.


What kind of predictive analytics and scenario analysis that you provide with Airth Act (Machine Learning) ?


Even though there are some generally accepted important use cases such as predictive maintenance, fragmentation optimization, heap leach modeling that we can work on with our customers. 


At Airth, we listen to our customers’ exact needs (concerns/problems) and requests while analyzing their data and workflows so we can pinpoint the best digital intelligence solution for their operations.

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