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About Us

Who We Are

To improve profitability and sustainability through data.


Provide strategical and operational gains to our customers through clear and actionable data.

  • Safety First 

  • Client Focused 

  • Solution Oriented

  • Innovative and Intrapreneurial

  • Gender Parity

  • Rewarding

Our Story

After a successful track record of building solutions for the mining industry, the Airth founding team identified a few fundamental issues with workflows. The primary issue is that of data silos often prevented the easy flow of data between multi-disiplinary teams making it difficult for them to work together synergistically. This can leave massive gaps in decision making process. These “gaps” include:  


  • Low visibility and limited understanding of operations  

  • Disparate data resources, limited interconnectivity between data sources  

  • Inability to discern financial impact of operations and decision on operations 

  • Limited understanding of possible correlations between various datasets 


  • Limited understanding of historical information and benefits (difficult/timing consuming to look back if you need to track down the data) 


  • Limited connectivity between the corporate and site Technical teams 




  • Eliminate gaps between planning and operation 

  • Use data integration and analytics to improve visibility throughout the decision-making process 

  • Have a full picture of how changes in both operations and plans will affect downstream financial outcomes and can act intelligently on those insights to continuously improve productivity and profitability

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